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Commercial Bankruptcy And Corporate Law

Delaware corporate law is a unique and specialized practice. The Delaware courts contain the most significant knowledge base of business and corporate law in the U.S. A substantial proportion of American and international entities are formed here, including corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and partnerships.

The laws governing corporate formation and alternative entity organization and operation of the state are highly developed, with hundreds of matters involving these laws brought before tribunals every year. The Delaware courts and judges that are presented general corporate law and alternate entity disputes, and the steady commercial and intellectual property matters require and expect experience, sophistication and responsive Delaware lawyers to present or co-counsel with lawyers who come before them.  A depth of skill and dexterity with practice and procedure are not just assets to litigants, but expected and required by the Delaware judiciary.

The expertise of the Delaware courts with all issues related to commercial disputes, corporate and alternate entity structure, governance, reorganization, control sale and dissolution demands counsel with the skill to effectively represent and protect client interests.

Our attorneys at The Bifferato Firm, have the necessary and expected expertise and skill record of success in these forums to navigate the complex practice and procedure of Delaware courts. Our experience and practice in Delaware enables us to handle matters in a variety of jurisdictions nationwide.


Commercial Bankruptcy

Our attorneys offer seasoned trial and appellate expertise in matters involving corporate restructuring, creditors’ rights and bankruptcy-related issues. Whether it is asset-based commercial and secured lending, commercial contracts, sales transactions or debt restructuring, we have the experience to handle the unique arena required by the Bankruptcy Code and the courts that apply it.

Our clients include banks, financial and other lending institutions, creditors, trustees, official committees, equity holders and individuals.

The Bifferato Firm, provides experienced, trusted counsel during all phases of commercial bankruptcy, reorganizations and liquidations as well as related litigation, from the initial filing to trial and appeal.

We have decades of experience representing parties and working with co-counsel to bring confidence and the experience required by the Bankruptcy Court’s unique approach to applying equity to code-based legal standards.  We know the Court the practice and procedure required to navigate and succeed in that arena. Our clients and co-counsel have to come to rely on us to provide them with the security of knowing that we will help them to meet the standards and requirements to find the best possible outcome.

As with much of the practice in Delaware, availability and experience are the watchwords for avoiding the pitfalls of expedited proceedings and high expectations for familiarity with local rules and procedures. At The Bifferato Firm, our clients and co-counsel know that we are always available when they need us to meet the unpredictable pace of commercial bankruptcy practice. We are always switched on and ready to proceed or respond.

Corporate And Chancery Court Litigation

Our attorneys regularly engage in litigating commercial and business matters in the sophisticated corporate and alternate entity law environment of the Delaware courts, including the Court of Chancery, Superior Court and United States District Court.

We also have extensive appellant experience in both the Delaware Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit. In addition, Richard S. Gebelein brings the added insight of having been a former Superior Court judge for more than 20 years and Staff Judge Advocate, Combined Forces Command in Kabul, Afghanistan, and an international judge for the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Bosnia.