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Experienced Alternative Dispute Resolution

Delaware is the focus of corporate and alternate entity litigation and dispute resolution within the United States. Its courts have the most well-developed body of law in the country involving the equally sophisticated Delaware General Corporation Law as well as related limited liability company (LLC), partnership and limited liability partnership (LLP) law.

It is also the center of much alternative dispute resolution (ADR) proceedings involving those matters, and arbitrators and mediators need a similarly sophisticated understanding experience with those same laws.

Cost-Effective Resolutions

ADR is a sophisticated and narrow practice focused on cost-effective solutions for complex problems.  Commercial bankruptcy, commercial and corporate litigation, and complex tort litigation. At The Bifferato Firm, we bring the skill, experience and creative insight necessary to successfully manage these issues.

With a legal practice spanning decades, we have gained respect from bench and bar for our extensive legal knowledge and personal and professional integrity as ADR practitioners.  We are selected to get matters resolved that have persistently frustrated litigants and counsel alike. We take that obligation seriously and approach every matter with respect for the unique complexity that all matters involving artificial entities and human experience require and relentlessly refuse to accept any conclusion other than resolution.

Experience With Commercial, Bankruptcy, And Complex Tort Cases

Our attorneys in the ADR group provide arbitration and mediation services for a large variety of cases, including those involving commercial and business transactions, bankruptcy litigation and restructuring/insolvency issues, as well as complex tort litigation and medical malpractice.

We provide knowledgeable, experienced  ADR professionals who bring experience and a reputation for creativity and tenacity to matters involving Delaware and federal law to local, national and international disputes. Acting as mediators, arbitrators or offering opinions on legal positions, our attorneys have the capacity, personality and temperament to bring an objective lens to focus on resolving the most complicated as well as the frustratingly mundane matters. To us, every matter is unique and not only deserves but requires the attention and respect that litigants and counsel should expect from ADR professionals.

Mediation belongs to the parties and their counsel and a mediator who is able to listen, and not judge. Patience and persistence with respect for the process are the hallmarks of mediation.  The ultimate outcome of mediation is only through voluntary agreement and assisting parties to find that elusive point requires independence and humility. We recognize the responsibility of the mediator to challenge each side to consider their presumptions and examine the risks, economic and personal costs associated with maintenance of litigation; never imposing their own perceptions.

No dispute, regardless of the professional objectivity of the participants, comes without impassioned resistance that fuels the impediment to resolution.  Every dispute requires individual consideration and attention by the mediator to expose that impediment to a resolution that brings business judgment into reconciliation with personal attachment.

Unlike mediation, decisions by arbitration arise from the positions and arguments presented by opposing counsel that require a neutral application of the facts to the law. Freedom, from pre-judgment, adherence to the law and independent decision-making require respect for the positions presented, rather than compromise. Applying even the most complex factual scenario to the applicable legal standards necessitates experience as well as objectivity.  Recognizing the role of the litigants and their counsel and the space between them requires the decisiveness of an experienced and confident arbitrator.

Regardless of the forum, The Bifferato Firm has the capacity to find and bring a resolution to even the most challenging case.